Cochlear implants have improved the lives of tens of thousands of the hearing impaired by providing sufficient auditory perception for speech, but these devices are far from satisfactory for music perception. Many cochlear implant recipients, especially pre-lingually deafened children, have difficulty recognizing and producing specific pitches.




MOGAT (MObile Games with Auditory Training) is a musical habilitation framework designed for children post cochlear implantation. The system consists of a smart phone application and a cloud-based web service.




The system includes three musical games built with off-the-shelf mobile devices

  • to train their pitch perception and
  • intonation skills respectively, and
  • a cloud-based web service which allows music therapists to monitor and design individual training for children.



Potential Overseas Collaborators:
  • Pasty Tan (SGH)
  • Canossian School for the Hearing impaired 


Future Direction

  • Lyrics evaluation 



Research Team
PI (Faculty): Wang Ye
Co-PI (Faculty): Sim Khe Chai
Members: Duan Zhiyan, Shant Sagar, Zhou Yinsheng, and Li Zhonghua