Sedentary lifestyle is a major long-term health problem in the modern society. Promoting active lifestyle is one of the best strategies to prevent obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other costly medical conditions. Many attempts have been made to motivate people to exercise, ranging from financial reward to specialized systems.

SAMURUN (Social Active Musical RUNning application) is a mobile application for enhancing people’s running and jogging experiences. 



The app detects the rhythmic motion of human body through built-in sensors of the smart phone and adjusts the tempo of music accordingly so as to not only provide another level of control to users, but also motivate users to do more exercise as well. SAMURUN has a web service through which users can track their statistics and share their experiences with friends.


Here, we introduce SAMURUN (Social Active MUsical RUNning), an application built with off-the-shelf smartphones to enhance the user’s running and jogging experience and a cloud-based web service that enables the users to not only monitor their running statistics but also to share their experience with friends.


Future Direction

  • For our future work, we plan to equip the back-end server with beat detection capability. The application on the mobile device can then send songs to the cloud server for beat detection, the result of which will then be sent back to the mobile application as metadata. The full history of the user’s progress, schedule, routes and statistics will also be made available through both web and mobile device.
  • We also plan to provide more flexible and diverse control over the virtual instrument by adding more control signals from various sensors such as the magnetic field sensor and GPS sensor. By providing such control, we hope to deepen the user’s active engagement with the music.



Research Team

PI (Faculty): Wang Ye
Co-PI (Faculty): Sim Khe Chai
Members : Duan Zhiyan, Shant Sagar, Zhou Yinsheng, and Li Zhonghu